Take a look at some of the fabulous funny people we’ve had on our shows and will proudly represent us at your next event.

Josef Anolin


Josef Anolin got his start in the San Francisco Bay Area stand-up comedy community.


Hailing from Oakland, CA, he wields an eased yet charismatic stage presence, engaging audiences with personal stories punctuated punctuated by his tongue in cheek trait.


He's Asian American and owns a Galaxy S10 because he likes green text bubbles.

Chris Riggins


Chris Riggins’ comedy comes from a very sincere place.


A native of Berkeley, California, his comedy comes second to his intellect, and his ability to comment on the world around him. 


To see Chris perform is to see a window into the reality of American culture, both comic and tragic.


While Chris has many credits to his name, including opening for legends like Dave Chappelle, his true appeal is in his brutally honest comedy, which will force you to think while laughing.

Yusuf Ali


Yusuf Ali, Cleveland born, and currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. A one-time aspiring rapper (recorded a song in a friends home studio once) turned comic.


"Robert Townsend told me I was funny outside of Sal's."
-Yusuf Ali-